Welcome to NEAT Photography. I'm Matt and I'm a photographer passionate about nature, animals, travel, and family. I'm a proud member of Nature first.


want to focus on what matters to you so I've created NEAT photoshoots for families, pet owners and professionals that are based on the values I believe you deserve when hiring a photographer and to get the best experience all round. These are:


  • Natural environments

  • Ethical practices

  • Affordable prices

  • Tailored shoots

I also love to combine photography with adventure.

I've had a camera by my side ever since my first adventure overseas back in 2001. Photography became my window to another world and a way in which I could capture all the wonderful things within it. I'd like to take you there with me so I've created NEAT photo tours and workshops focusing on:

  • Nature 

  • Elements of photography

  • Animals

  • Travel

Check out my galleries and photo albums which cover some of my portfolio of work as well as some of my favourite subjects and aspects of photography I love to shoot.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to tailor make a photoshoot or inquire about a tour. I look forward to helping you create some great memories to treasure.